School Board

Father Rheo Ofalsa
Pastor & Head of School

Father Rheo joined our school and parish community in 2019 and has been serving as a priest since 2011. Before seminary school, Father Rheo attended the US Air Force Academy and served six years in the Air Force as a Civil Engineer. A fun fact about Father Rheo: he grew up in Mililani and was baptized in our Holy Family Church in 1977.

Celeste Akiu

Celeste joined HFCA in 2018 after serving as a teacher and administrator in Vacaville and Napa, California, for over 20 years. She grew up in Oahu, attended Sacred Hearts Academy and the University of Hawaii, and is currently earning a doctorate. A fun fact about Ms. Akiu: she is a second-generation HFCA principal, following in her mother's footsteps.

Jeff Fontanilla
Business & Facilities Manager

Jeff joined HFCA after Holy Family was temporarily clustered with St. Philomena in 2004, when staff spent the year supporting both schools/parishes. He held a similar role at St. Philomena from 1991-2005 and has served Hawaii Catholic schools for 33 years. A fun fact about Mr. Fontanilla: his most unique role on campus is DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Jocelyn Burch
Assistant Principal

Jocelyn joined HFCA in 2020 and has diverse experience at the school, including her current position as Assistant Principal. She grew up in Kauaʻi and earned her degree in Early Childhood Education from Chaminade University, following a long line of educators in her family. A fun fact about Mrs. Burch: she started her career at HFCA as a Kindergarten teacher.

Kau'i Kane

Kauʻi is an instructor at Hawaiian Airlines, specializing in in-flight and pilot emergency procedures, where she has 20 years of service. In addition to serving on the School Board, Kauʻi also volunteers her time as PTG President. Kauʻi has two children who attend HFCA, including Kaʻena (2nd grade) and Kawena (PK).

David Caneda

David retired from the US Air Force after serving 21 years, where he worked in Cyber Operations and Planning. In addition to serving on the School Board, David is a PTG Member-at-Large and runs the HFCA Used Uniform program. He has two children who attend HFCA, including Kailani (7th grade) and Malie (5th grade).

Jill Tamminga

Jill works part-time for a defense contracting company conducting research in the machine learning and artificial intelligence space and previously served in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer in the E-2C Hawkeye and the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye. In addition to serving on the School Board, Jill also volunteers her time as PTG Secretary. Jill has three children at HFCA, including Max (8th grade), Tess (6th grade), and Jojo (1st grade).

Gerome Andrade

Jerome is a long-time Holy Family parishioner who has served on the HFCA School Board for over 20 years. He attended St. Anthony School, Maui, and has extensive business experience working as a General Manager in the hospitality industry and as a Funeral Director, in addition to numerous leadership roles for local organizations and non-profits.