Tuition Information

Preschool - School Day $9,950.00
Preschool - Full Day $10,700.00
Grades K- 4 $9,150
Grades 5 - 8  $9,600
After School Care $1,500

Payment Terms, Plans and Fees:

Each family is required to establish a FACTS agreement regardless of the payment plan selected. FACTS will collect all tuition and incidental charges and will assess a nominal one-time enrollment fee based on the payment plan that is selected.

We require an enrollment fee of $350 that will be paid to FACTS during the online enrollment process. Enrollment fees are in addition to the base tuition listed above. These fees secure the student’s spot on the roster and are non-refundable. This fee is required for the re-enrollment of each student annually. 

Tuition payments start in July and end in May. There is a $200 surcharge for installment payment plans (monthly or bi-monthly) that will be added to the tuition listed above.

If you have any questions please contact the Business Office at