Congratulations to Our eSpark Winners!

Congratulations to Miss Hailee and her 2nd grade students! They are the winners on eSpark, they received a certificate that recognizes HFCA's highest mastery eSpark classroom so far this school year.

eSpark is an online resource that uses standard based games, videos and digital activities. Students love that they get to work independently at a pace that works for them. With each activity, they are challenged in their Language Arts Reading and Math skills.

Within this resource, through the power of small groups and differentiated learning, students are tasked with problems that test them on their reading comprehension, building of vocabulary and overall enhances their reading/writing fluency.

"I am so proud of all that the students have accomplished on Espark thus far. I can see that they enjoy all the different styles of instruction as well as the visual of online learning." - Miss Hailee