A Catholic Education focused on academic excellence.

Our academics are rigorous and engaging, utilizing technology and project/place-based learning at each grade level. The curriculum we use is structured and aligned from preschool through 8th grade and allows our teachers flexibility to incorporate our Catholic identity and Hawaiian culture when appropriate. Our specials include PE twice a week and a rotation of Music, Hawaiian Studies, or Art twice a week a quarter at a time. Our teachers incorporate guest speakers and field trips to reinforce certain lessons and provide an engaging and memorable experience for our students. Each K-8 student at HFCA is provided a school-issued iPad to use in class and at home to ensure all our students have access to curriculum and technology.

HFCA Homework Policy

Homework includes exercises to reinforce daily lessons, enrichment activities, or long-range assignments intended to encourage research, time management, and responsible study habits. Homework is expected to be complete, neat,  and returned on time.  Students who demonstrate a pattern of less than satisfactory performance in completing and returning homework assignments will be issued a Homework Notice or an Academic Notice by hard copy or by email to keep the parents informed. Homework requirements vary from grade level to grade level and teacher to teacher and should not exceed the following times: Grades K-2: 20-30 minutes per day; grades 3-5: 30-60 minutes per day; and grades 6-8: 60-90 minutes per day.